Nutritional Balancing Services

Hello, I am Alexandru Dragan, born in Romania, now living in UK, I follow the nutritional balancing program recommended by Dr. Wilson for almost 4 years, and to me the results where very impressive and life-saving. That is why this whole way of rebuilding yourself and developing became the most important focus in my life.

Now, after I completed the Basic Helping Program, I can help my family and friends with the development program. I am not yet a Helper and I am not listed in the Helper Referral Page on Dr. Wilson’s website, but all my HTMA’s are reviewed by my coach, Josephine Zanetti who is listed there under Canada, who works closely with Dr. Wilson on establishing the protocols.

I have an account at Analytical Research Labs and I can offer a discount on Endo-met Lab supplements for my family and friends.

All of the protocols and recommendations that I offer strictly respect Dr. Wilson’s work.

For a simple HTMA Lab Results Graph from ARL, my interpretation and the Dr. Wilson protocol set up with my coach, the cost is $120.

The protocol will include the recommended supplements based on your lab results. The people I work with have a discount on supplements from Endomet Labs.

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